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So close you can almost taste it…

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"If one person is as close as Marco to me, I would certainly tell him such a  thing(transfer to Bayern)personally. He is definitely one of the last persons who could not understand the decision. But nothing happens in our friendship, although it’s a pity we can no longer see each other everyday."
                                     Mario( sportbild interview)

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“I am half agony, half hope.”

—   Jane Austen (via amarling)

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Germany wins the World Cup!

Louis with his two daddies!!! ;P 


True story.

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It was during the 2006 World Cup that people around the globe got to see Germany in a new light. The sun shone for weeks from an almost cloudless sky, the country’s population was in a joyful party mood and the Germany team played wonderfully, yet ultimately without success – if you’re minded, that is, to regard third place in a World Cup on home soil as a lack of success.

In short, the Germans, their weather and their footballers behaved completely opposite to the way they’re often said to behave. And nothing fitted better into the easy-going mood of this summer fairytale than “Schweini and Poldi” with their boyish charm. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski: the magic of 2006 made them appear heroes of a new, uninhibited Germany, like two playground pals in football heaven

—   Tim Jürgens (via girl-with-german-accent)

Thank you for ten years, Phillip!

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as requested by anonymous, the interview after the game against Argentina

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german alphabets is for schweinski


Schweinsteiger’s black, red and gold warrior look was topped off by a deep cut underneath his right eye that had been stapled together on the touchline in extra-time, with his legs twitching uncontrollably in the process. In total he was floored six times by the Argentinians in the final. Six times he got up again. 

Asked what the World Cup meant to him, the man praised as the Comandante after the 7-1 win against Brazil by O Globo, talked about “the beginning of this team”, under Jürgen Klinsmann at the World Cup in Germany, and remembered the rapturous reception the inexperienced and incomplete side had received at the fan fest at the Brandenburg Gate after finishing third in that competition. (Three more tournaments with three near misses were to come) Bastian Schweinsteiger: archetypal nearly man now the toast of Germany

We’ve walked this path side by side for a long time; now we’ve got to say good-bye.

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remember when 



I love this woman.

the funny thing is this is probably an accurate quote

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twq actresses talking about their characters

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